Are 4D movies really worth the price? This is the million dollar question that every movie goers has had to ask themselves at one point or another. In order to settle this question once and for all, we should begin easy by unearthing what 4D movies are. 4-Dimension movies refer to movies equipped with vibrating chairs and other physical effects that synchronize with the film. These effects are actually added to 3D movies, which makes the term 4D a marketing term as opposed to spatial coordinates. Let us now find out whether or not they are worth it.

More color

The truth of the matter is, the addition of physical effects to a movie makes it more colorful and interesting to watch. ikujyhtgrfAs a matter of fact, these effects bring out the best in a movie and make even the most boring movie worth a watch. If not for any other reason, therefore, the mere fact that the movies come in extra treats in the form of physical effects should be reason enough to make the movies fetch higher ticket prices.

More technology

As should be expected, the incorporation of more side effects to these movies means they require a better technology to produce and direct. Indeed, we must acknowledge the fact that adding simulated rain, explosions, lightning, fluorescent lights and movements among other physical effects is no mean feat. It requires the producers and directors to be abreast with the latest technological advancements that can ensure the effects are added in a manner that makes them appear an actual part of the movie. For this reason, these movies ought to attract higher ticket prices.

Cost of production

In all fairness to the producers, the level of technological ingenuity they employ in making 4D movies what they are should be reciprocated by paying higher for these movies. This is not to mean that any 4D movie should be costly but let’s face it. The use of better technology goes hand in hand with a high cost of production of the movies. Ideally, we wouldn’t expect the movies to attract lower ticket prices that cannot even offset their initial cost of production.

Effects are distracting

It is not all rosy with 4D movies though and one drawback these movies have lies in their very use of physical effects. There are those movie-goers who feel the effects take a lot from the essence of the movies and are only meant to distract viewers from getting a grip of the plot of the movies. The effects appear more inclined to entertain than to educate.


Having looked at what 4D movies entail, the question ‘are 4D movies really worth the price?’ can be settled by anyone. Looking at the pros and cons of the movies, we can safely agree that many will argue in favor of paying more for these movies.